What’s Up Wednesday

So apparently #WuWednesday is Wu-Tang Wednesday, but #WUW shall be What’s Up Wednesday!

This Wednesday I have been mounting monotypes in preparation for my upcoming show opening June 5th 5-9 pm at Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison, Wisconsin.  I absolutely adore the smell of nori rice paste (it is a sweet, fresh smell), making the task of float mounting paper on mat board very pleasant.  Here’s a shot of the materials and one of the prints that will hang in the show entitled “Dhammapada XXIII”.  The elephant is a very prominent symbol in Buddhism, representing the spiritual strength, restraint, and sometimes solitude of the enlightened sage.  Coincidentally, sometimes elephants are referred to as nāgas, the same word for the serpent/dragon spirits that figure prominently in Buddhist mythology.  I have also made a print imagining one of these dragons or nāgas.


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