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use Artist Fragrances is a collaborative project by artist Bobbi Sorensen and artist Jody Scott Chandler. You’ve heard of “designer fragrances”; Perfumery touches on emotive, conceptual, and cultural content as well as the pure aesthetics of beautiful scents.  Therefore we view perfumery as an art form, being the creation of an aesthetic experience and as such an extension of our creativity AS ARTISTS.  Our “artist fragrances” are unique perfumes and colognes formulated by Bobbi and Jody from fine natural botanical ingredients*.  Our formulas are currently available in jojoba oil roll-on or alcohol atomizers.


Kallipygos; Available for purchase on Etsy!Kallipygos was a famous sculpture of Aphrodite, worshipped in ancient Syracusae.  An evening fragrance, Kallipygos is warm and mysterious.  Spicy top notes and a deep woody and earthy base combine with exotic sweet and floral heart notes to make this unique spell-binding fragrance a real head-turner.

Pygmalion; available for purchase on Etsy!Pygmalion was the Cypriot king  who carved a sculpture of a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with it and so pleasing to the goddess Aphrodite that she brought the statue to life.  Woody and citrus base and heart notes create a classic masculine cologne fragrance crowned with a laurel top note.

Crimson; available for purchase on Etsy!Crimson is the autumn to Clover’s spring, the masculine to its feminine.  Crimson evokes autumn leaves, leather and tobacco over a base of sandalwood and patchouli conjuring the soul of the irresistible iconic counterculture rebel.  A cypress top note references the symbolic origin of the paisley motif as an abstraction of a cypress tree bending –but not breaking– in the wind.

Clover; available for purchase on Etsy!Clover’s formula is directly inspired by the sweet lovely fragrance of the humble ubiquitous white clover flower.  Light, fresh, and green, clover subtly reminds us of afternoon walks in the sunshine through fields of clover, and sitting in the grass tasting the nectar of its blossoms.

Audrey; available for purchase on Etsy!Audrey is sweet yet complex, with a dose of mischievousness and beauty and sophistication beyond her years.  Cherry and spice top notes combine with floral and green heart and base notes to create a subtle and sophisticated take on a youthful and fruity fragrance.

Black_lodge; available for purchase on Etsy!One might stumble into the Black Lodge deep in the woods where the douglas firs tower over thick moss and rich soils hiding ancient secrets.  Dark and mysterious, woody and earthy notes predominate Black Lodge’s scent profile, with smoky top notes and a hint of fossilized resin calling to mind perhaps ancient spirits and alchemical arcana.

lauralogoLaura.  The homecoming queen; beautiful, but with secrets.  Loved by everyone, but in grave peril.  She worked the perfume counter at Horne’s department store, so you know she smelled good.  No, she smelled gorgeous, too good to be true.  And so will you with our fragrance number seven, a warm and sensuous floral fragrance with a hint of spice and danger.

Introducing MVSE Artist Fragrances’ latest addition: Cooper8. Here is a masculine fragrance as smooth, sophisticated, and memorable as its namesake character, Agent Cooper. We are proud to present a complex musky/woody fragrance that brings together inspirations from the fictional world that Agent Cooper inhabits.

Cooper starts off with a top of coffee and grapefruit–freshly squeezed–; with a heart of pie crust, the Virginia Cedars of Quantico, and jazz music in dreams; and finishes on a base of Tibetan incense of cedar and sandalwood. And of course, a hint of Douglas Fir needles…


*A note on natural fragrances:  As with any fragrance or health and beauty product with botanical ingredients, Muse Artist Fragrances may contain ingredients that some individuals may be sensitive and/or allergic to.  As with any health and beauty product, always test on a small area of skin and discontinue use if irritation occurs.   Muse Artist Fragrances are not for internal use.

**A further note:  The fragrance ingredients of natural perfumes are sensitive to both light, heat, and oxidization.  As much as possible, keep your perfumes in a cool place away from light, and be sure the cap is on tight when not in use.



We are two visual artists in Wisconsin and Illinois with eclectic aesthetic interests.   Muse Artist Fragrances got its unofficial beginning when we decided to formulate our own signature fragrances at a local shop that offered essential oils for blending custom perfumes.  It was there that Kallipygos was born, though at the time we had no inkling to name it or think of it as anything but Bobbi’s personal fragrance.   Jody’s blend ultimately didn’t match his own style, so he formulated a new one on his own –the blend that was to become Pygmalion.

We both got so many compliments on our blends when we wore them that little by little we began to fantasize that maybe we had some small talent as perfumers and we wanted to turn it into a collaborative artistic project of formulating a line of perfumes.  Jody’s collection of essential oils grew, and we started getting ideas for other perfumes.  By the time we formulated Clover by literally bringing a bouquet of white clover flowers into the shop where Kallipygos was originally born and carefully choosing the right ingredients to match the fragrance of the bouquet, we were hooked at the prospect of making perfumes for others to enjoy.  We then devoted a lot of time and energy to learning a bit about natural perfumes and reformulating our blends to improve them, deciding to use only single-plant botanical oils –no synthetics or mystery perfume oil blends; shuffling and reshuffling our ideas, coming up with names and designing logos and fine-tuning our recipes to bring you the fragrances we now present.   This is just the beginning of our path as perfumers, and we have many exciting ideas for more fragrances!  We hope our perfumes and colognes inspire and please you!
For inquiries about our fragrances, feel free to message us on facebook, or fill out the contact form below and we will be happy to respond!



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